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Interior Ministry says 40 Russians renounce citizenship in 2022

The department explained that the exit from Russian citizenship is carried out on the basis of a voluntary expression of will

MOSCOW, January 31. /TASS/. Russia's Interior Ministry has formalized the renunciation of citizenship for 40 Russians in 2022, the ministry’s press center told TASS.

"In 2022, the renunciation of Russian citizenship on the territory of the Russian Federation was formalized for 40 applicants," the source said.

The Internal Ministry explained that the renunciation of Russian citizenship is based on a voluntary expression of will. Russian citizens living in the country may apply for renunciation of Russian citizenship at the migration department of the Russian Interior Ministry at their place of residence. Those living abroad may apply to a diplomatic mission or consular institution of the Russian Federation in their country of residence.

"The time limit for consideration of applications submitted in accordance with the general procedure is not more than one year, in accordance with the simplified procedure - not more than three months from the date of submission of the application and all necessary documents duly completed," the ministry added. The list of documents to be submitted along with the corresponding application is established by the Regulations on procedure for consideration of questions of citizenship of the Russian Federation, approved by a presidential decree in 2002.

However, there are grounds for rejecting an application for renunciation of Russian citizenship. In particular, such reasons include failure to fulfill obligations to Russia established by the federal law, involvement of the applicant as an accused in a criminal case, or a court verdict against the applicant that has entered into legal force and is to be enforced. Also, an application for renunciation of Russian citizenship may be rejected if the applicant is not a citizen of another state or has no guarantees of acquiring such citizenship.