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AI-based pandemic prediction system in development in Russia

KUBINKA /Moscow Region/, August 24. /TASS/. An artificial intelligence-based system, capable of predicting social or political events, as well as pandemic, such as the coronavirus one, is being developed in Russia, says Pavel Laptayev, CEO of Russia’s RTI technology company.

According to Laptayev, the RTI specialists work to create a system that would autonomously detect risks of certain events, based on data from the media and other sources.

"By making certain adjustments, I think we would be able to detect brewing threats, similar to the COVID-19, at early stages, allowing the state to react to them on time," Laptayev said at the Army-2020 forum.

Over 23.2 million people have contracted the coronavirus infection since December 2019, while over 804,000 have died. In Russia, 956,749 cases have been registered, 16,383 people died, while 770,639 recovered.

The Army-2020 forum kicked off at the Patriot expo center on August 23 and will last until August 29. Representatives of about 100 countries are expected to visit the forum. Over 1,500 companies and enterprises will display almost 28,000 products. About 700 weapons and military vehicles take part in a static and a dynamic display.