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Anti-corruption foundation made public calls for unrest — Putin

The organization publicly involved underage persons in this street activity, which is illegal, the President said

GENEVA, June 16. /TASS/. The Anticorruption Foundation (listed as a foreign agent and an extremist organization in Russia) publicly called for mass unrest and involved persons under age in it, President Vladimir Putin told the media following the Russian-US summit meeting in Geneva.

"The organization that you have mentioned came out with public calls for mass unrest, it publicly involved underage persons in this street activity, which is illegal. It is prohibited by the Russian laws. Also, it gave public instructions in making Molotov cocktails to be used against law enforcers and also disclosed policemen's personal data," Putin said about the blacklisting of the Anticorruption Foundation as an extremist organization.

He recalled that the United States had passed legislation saying the US would support certain political organizations in Russia.

"At the same time Washington declared Russia as an adversary and said in public that Russia's development would be contained. The question is what kind of political organizations are the United States and other members of the Western community are to support if one remembers that they also fund them? But their activity is not outlawed altogether. They can work further on. Being listed as a foreign agent does not terminate the activity of this or that organization. But if the organization in question is extremist, then it is a totally different matter," Putin said.