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Britain satisfies only four requests for extradition to Russia since 2002, embassy says

London has refused to extradite 63 persons

LONDON, April 3. /TASS/. The British authorities since 2002 have satisfied a mere four requests for extradition to Russia and refused to extradite 63 persons, the Russian embassy in London said on its website.

"In 2002-2019 the British side has satisfied four requests for the extradition of Russian citizens for indictment on criminal charges. The first request was satisfied in 2008, but the extradition failed to take place, because the wanted person escaped from the police. In 2018, as a result of poor coordination by the British law enforcement agencies the extradition of a fourth citizen was disrupted, because the person escaped from the police on the eve of his handover to the Russian side. Their whereabouts have remained unknown to the British police to this day," the embassy said.

"In fact only two of the requested persons were handed over to Russia in 2013 and 2017," the embassy said. "As at 2019 the British side has refused to extradite 63 persons. Several dozen requests are in the consideration phase. Against this background the number of satisfied requests looks still more disappointing."