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Russia ready to return to constructive dialogue with Lithuania, says envoy

Russian-Lithuanian relations are going through deep crisis, the Russian diplomat says

VILNIUS, June 7. /TASS/. Constructive dialogue between Russia and Lithuania should be conducted without any preconditions, and the Russian side is ready for it, Russian Ambassador to Vilnius Alexander Udaltsov said in an interview with the Russian-language weekly Express-Nedelya on Thursday.

"Russia is ready to return to constructive and mutually beneficial dialogue with Lithuania on all issues of bilateral cooperation, without any preliminary conditions or demands," the diplomat stressed.

Russian-Lithuanian relations are going through deep crisis, he said. "The Lithuanian side initiated and is actively supporting it [the crisis.] All reasons and pretexts used for these purposes are baseless and inadequate, in our opinion," Udaltsov noted.

The Lithuanian partners should be blamed for the serious effects of this "irresponsible and wretched ‘Russian policy’ of the official Vilnius," chiefly in the political sphere and security issues, he said. "We take into account the negative approach of Lithuania’s authorities, which is reflected in Russia’s plans in the economic, transport, energy and some other areas that it is shaping or implementing," the diplomat said.

Udaltsov highlighted that Lithuania will be given a place "corresponding to its true potential, reliability and predictability as a partner.".