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Satellite manufacturing in Russia to demand more time amid US sanctions — expert

Russia has to replace the components from the US electronic base with their analogues

DOROKHOVO, October 1. /TASS/. The US restrictions on supplies to Russia of electronic base of components for satellites have led to an increase in the terms for creating spacecraft by 8 or 10 months, the deputy chief designer of the Information Satellite Systems said on Wednesday.

“Due to the introduced sanctions, we have been forced to modify a range of devices and equipment. This increases the production time for the spacecraft by 8-10 months from the schedule,” Yury Vygonsky said at the Satcomrus-2014 conference.

Russia has to replace the components from the US electronic base with their analogues, Vygonsky said, adding, “There are the Russian and European (components), everything depends on the quality.”

By mid-2015, the Russian satellite manufacturing company plans to return to “standard terms of manufacturing satellites by an absolutely compatible price,” the expert said.

Amid the Ukrainian crisis, the United States has tightened its export controls in a move that has seriously hurt important Russian space projects. Washington is apparently denying export licenses that allow European and other foreign communications satellites containing US components to be launched into space by Russian rockets, analysts say.

The 19th annual Satcomrus-2014 conference is taking place on October 1-2 outside Moscow. The event has been organized by the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC).

The conference is attended by senior officials from Russia’s Ministry of Communications and Media and the Russian Federal Communications Agency, telecommunication equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, as well as industry analysts, experts and journalists.