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Yandex can now search for Facebook posts

Yandex blog search now finds Facebook posts, they are soon to be integrated into web search

MOSCOW, January 14. /ITAR-TASS/. Russian search engine Yandex was granted access to public posts made by Facebook users in CIS states and Turkey (countries where Yandex officially operates). According to an announcement made by Yandex, the sides have signed an agreement.

Previously the search engine only indexed personal and community pages on Facebook. As of now, Yandex has access to the whole database and can display posts and comments as search results. The only search engine which was granted similar access is Microsoft’s Bing.

Currently Facebook posts can be found using Yandex blog search; later they will be added to general web search. Comments are also not indexed yet, only posts themselves. Yandex representatives highlight that private posts are not indexed.

Facebook data will also be used by Yandex to improve search quality. The search engine will be able to add newly posted articles and videos, popular on Facebook, to relevant searches. Facebook popularity of content will also determine ranking of search results.

Yandex is the largest internet company operating in East Europe, valued at $13.9 after its Nasdaq IPO in 2011. Its key service is the search engine, which drivers the company’s revenue through ad sales. In Q3, 2013, the company’s revenue amounted to 10.2 billion rubles, 4.4 billion after EBITDA adjustment with a net profit of 5 billion rubles. Yandex shareholders are founder and general director Arkadiy Volozh, Baring Vostok Capital Partners fund and others.

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, valued at $137.2 billion /Nasdaq/. Monthly audience is estimated at 1.19 billion users. Q3 2013 earnings are in the range of $2 billion, operational profit - $736 million, net profit - $425 million.