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Russian Arctic National Park expects at least 1,200 tourists in coming season

During the season, visiting tourists will take trips to Franz Josef Land’s 15 islands

ARKHANGELSK, June 13. /TASS/. Russia’s northernmost national park - the Russian Arctic - expects to welcome at least 1,200 tourists during the upcoming season, which the 50 Let Pobedy nuclear-powered icebreaker opens on Thursday, and which will continue to late September, the park’s Director Alexander Kirilov told TASS.

"This season, we expect at least 1,200 tourists, or even more," he said. "This year, the 50 Let Pobedy nuclear icebreaker will make five return voyages from Murmansk to the North Pole, and the Sea Spirit will make three return voyages from Spitsbergen to Franz Josef Land."

"Besides, the Bremen and the Silver Explorer ships will call on the park," he added.

In September, Norway’s operator Hurtigruten will send over for the first time its Spitsbergen ship, he continued. "Thus, the tourist season in the park will continue for about one month longer - previously, the season closed in late August - early September."

During the season, visiting tourists will take trips to Franz Josef Land’s 15 islands.

"Those are most representing and interesting locations on the Arctic archipelagoes in terms of geology, flora, fauna and cultural heritage," the director said.

In 2018, the Russian Arctic National Park welcomed 1,079 visitors. In 2013 - 639, in 2014 - 738, in 2015 - 1,225, in 2016 - 954, and in 2017 - 1,142 guests.

The Russian Arctic National Park is Russia’s northernmost and biggest natural reserve, which takes the area of 8.8 million hectares. It was organized on June 15, 2009. The Park includes a northern part of the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago’s Severny Island and the entire Franz Josef Land Archipelago.