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Russian defense ministry refutes allegations about munitions shortages in assault units

According to the ministry, all necessary support is being rendered to assault units

MOSCOW, February 21. /TASS/. Russia’s defense ministry had refuted allegations about munitions shortages in assault units taking part in the special military operation.

"The Russian defense ministry commented exalted statements on some information resources alleging that supplies of munitions to volunteer assault units engaged in the liberation of the city of Artyomovsk in the Donetsk People’s Republic are being blocked," it said. ""In the past two days alone, assault units have advances to more than 2.5 kilometers toward Ukraine’s defense positions near the city of Artyomovsk. Successful operations would be impossible without supporting fire from artillery units, armored vehicles and other weapons of the South group. <…> That is why all statements allegedly made on behalf of assault units on munitions shortages are absolutely untrue."

According to the ministry, all necessary support is being rendered to assault units. Thus, despite the unfavorable weather conditions near Artyomovsk, 18 sorties of assault aircraft have been conducted in recent days to back the offensive of assault units.

The ministry stressed that assault units’ demand for munitions is satisfied in the shortest possible time. "All bids for munitions for assault units are satisfied on an urgent basis. It has always been and will be this way," it said.

According to the ministry, as many as 1,660 rockets for multiple rocket launcher systems, 10,171 shells for heavy artillery systems and mortars, and 980 munitions for tanks were supplied to volunteers of assault units in a period from February 18 to 20.

The ministry stressed that the command of the Russian forces in the zone of the special military operation "pays priority attention to supplying volunteers and servicemen of assault units with everything they need."

"Last year, assault units’ demand for munitions was satisfied to 140% of the bid. It is our priority," the ministry stressed.

According to the ministry, ammunition bids for February will be completely satisfied in the coming days and supplies under the March bid will begin from February 25.

"Volunteers, like servicemen of assault units of Russian forces are courageously and selflessly liberating Donbass from the Kiev regime militants. Attempts to drive a wedge in the tight mechanism of cooperation and support between the units of the Russian force are counterproductive and are playing into the hands of the enemy," the ministry added.