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Russian-American History Month kicks off with Chekhov’s The Seagull in English

Russian-American History Month was established in 2012

NEW YORK, April 3. /TASS/. New York State’s Russian-American History Month has opened with Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull in English translation staged by Aleksey Burago, Artistic Director of the Russian Arts Theater and Studio. The Russian playwright’s masterpiece will be staged daily until April 19.

The bulk of the audience who came to the premiere are English-speaking Americans, while the performance involves actors belonging to ten ethnic groups. "For us, it is very important to make sure that as many Americans as possible get acquainted with Russian culture, the arts, theater and come to love it thanks to this [Russian-American History] Month," Olga Zatsepina, President of the Russian American Cultural Heritage Center, which initiated Russian-American History Month in New York, told TASS.

Voting to approve Russian-American History Month took place in both houses of the New York State legislature in late March. On April 8, representatives of various organizations promoting Russian culture, traditions and language will be received in the New York State Senate and Assembly.

"This has become a good tradition. During special hearings once a month, (state) senators and Assembly members speak about the contribution made by our fellow countrymen to the history, science and culture of America’s society and government," Zatsepina pointed out. "Speakers mention such names and Rachmaninoff, Sikorsky, Chekhov and also our famous contemporaries, such as Sergey Brin and others, whom Americans not only know but also highly appreciate."

On April 6, New York will host the Pushkin festival, a children’s holiday, where viewers will be able to watch a literary-musical composition dedicated to Russia’s 19th century poet Alexander Pushkin who is often referred to as the genius of Russian poetry. Visitors will get to listen to poetry performed by schoolchildren and watch a play titled the Tale of Tsar Saltan based on one of Pushkin’s masterpieces.

"We believe that holding Russian-American History Month is a valuable mission," Zatsepina stressed. "During these rather difficult times, when cooperation between the two countries is standing the test of time, someone has to help maintain good relations. Every year, Americans learn more and appreciate the tremendous contribution made by Russians to global history and culture, and we hope that events held within the framework of [Russian-American History] Month will contribute to that."

Russian-American History Month was established in 2012 at the initiative of the Russian American Cultural Heritage Center.