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Speculations about US strike on Russia are ‘unjustified and premature’ – ambassador

Russian diplomat considers their authors unhealthy

MOSCOW, October 6. /TASS/. Speculations about possible strikes of the United States against Russia are ‘unjustified and premature,’ Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said in a televised interview with Russia’s Channel One.

"I believe it is premature and perhaps, even more unjustified, spreading speculations on the issue about ‘what if’," Antonov said in response to a question about a possible strike of the United States against the Russian Federation and possible consequences of such scenario.

"I proceed from the stance that we all have both feet on the ground and deal with certain issues that we keep encountering," Antonov said adding that he did not want to discuss allegations "of some sick people about either pointing a missile at the Kremlin or delivering a strike on the Black Sea Fleet."

"I will simply say that they are apparently sick people, who are incapable of realizing possible consequences of such actions," he added.