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US accusing Russia preparing pretext for invading Ukraine is unfounded - embassy

According to the Russian Embassy in Washington, it is a confirmation of the ongoing information pressure on Moscow

WASHINGTON, January 15. /TASS/. The accusations by the United States that Russia is preparing some kind of pretext for the invasion of Ukraine are unfounded and unsubstantiated, they are a confirmation of the ongoing information pressure on Moscow, the Russian Embassy in Washington wrote on Facebook.

"We noted the statement of the White House and Department of Defense Press Secretaries during their briefings on January 14 about Russia’s alleged preparation of some kind of pretext for the invasion of Ukraine. Representatives of the administration are already describing in detail the scenarios of such provocations, naming the dates of the eventual start of "operations". As usual, there is no evidence," the statement said.

"Such statements confirm the incessant information pressure on our country. Moreover, the same scenario is repeated: there is a ‘stuffing’ of a sensation, which then, repeated many times by the media, turns into the main news," the embassy said, adding "Russia is against the war. We stand for a diplomatic solution to all international problems".

According to the embassy’s statement, "For our part, we would like to warn our colleagues against such adventures. Once again, we declare: the continuous accusations against us in the United States (both at the official level and in the media) are unfounded and cannot have any confirmation. We call on the United States to engage in substantive work to ensure security guarantees based on the draft agreements proposed by the Russian side".