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Watchdog to demand Telegram be blocked if it ignores obligations

Telegram has fifteen days to comply with Russian legislation

MOSCOW, March 20. /TASS/. Russia’s communications watchdog Roskomnadzor will go to court to demand restrictions on access to Telegram Messenger Limited’s services, should the company violate the obligation to disclose requested information to law enforcement agencies.

"In case of failing to comply with the obligations under Article 10.1 of federal law N. 149-FZ (obligations imposed on the organizer of information distribution in the Internet) Roskomnadzor will file a lawsuit to demand restrictions be imposed in the territory of Russia on the Internet resources of Telegram Messenger Limited. A decision regarding restrictions will be taken by a court of law," Roskomnadzor’s press-service said in a news release.

Earlier on Tuesday Russia’s Supreme Court turned down Telegram’s lawsuit containing a demand for declaring void the order issued by the federal security service FSB establishing the rules and procedures for obtaining the codes needed to read users’ electronic messages. Roskomndzor notified Telegram it had fifteen days to comply with Russian legislation.