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Russia’s Supreme Court upholds FSB right to read Telegram messages

Telegram’s representative told the media afterwards the company would appeal against the verdict

MOSCOW, March 20. /TASS/. Russia’s Supreme Court has turned down a request from the management of the electronic messaging service provider Telegram for declaring void the order issued by the federal security service FSB that established the rules and procedures of obtaining codes for reading users’ electronic messages, a TASS correspondent reports.

"The administrative lawsuit from Telegram Messenger LLP for declaring the FSB’s order of July 19, 2016 void shall be turned down," the verdict read out by the judge said.

Telegram’s representative told the media afterwards the verdict would be appealed.

"We still believe that the FSB order violates civil rights. We will file an appeal," the company’s lawyer said.

A court in Moscow on October 2017 found Telegram Messenger LLP responsible for violating the Code of Administrative Procedure’s requirement for disclosing to law enforcers requested information about messages being exchanged by its users and fined the company 800,000 rubles. That verdict was appealed. A district court upheld it later. Another complaint was lodged with the Supreme Court.