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Eight people injured in Ukrainian armed forces strike on LPR's Sverdlovsk

The city was allegedly hit by ATACMS missiles fitted with cluster munitions, as well as by drones

LUGANSK, May 21. /TASS/. Eight civilians were injured in a Ukrainian strike on the town of Sverdlovsk in the Lugansk People's Republic on May 20, LPR head Leonid Pasechnik said on his Telegram channel.

The city was allegedly hit by ATACMS missiles fitted with cluster munitions, as well as by drones.

"The Ukrainian armed forces allegedly used US-made ATACMS missiles carrying cluster munitions in yesterday's shelling of Sverdlovsk. The enemy was so heartless that after the missile strike, while firefighters and medics were working at the site, they launched another attack using drones. As a result, eight civilians were injured. All the necessary medical assistance is being provided to them," he wrote.

Later, head of the LPR’s Sverdlovsk municipal district Andrey Sukhachev said on his Telegram channel that one of the victims was in severe condition in a hospital in Lugansk. "Four people are in the Sverdlovsk multidisciplinary hospital. Three citizens were provided with medical assistance, they are already home," he added.

Sukhachev noted that he gave orders to inspect residential houses in the area of the Ukrainian strike "for signs of damage." "Now we will put all our efforts toward helping injured residents and restoring damaged houses. The situation is under control. All services are doing their job," he emphasized.

Pasechnik also said that firefighters promptly put out the fire, "despite another attempted strike of the Ukrainian armed forces with the help of a drone."

On May 20, Pasechnik reported that a warehouse with fuel and lubricants caught fire as a result of the Ukrainian armed forces' attack in Sverdlovsk.