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Bronchopulmonary disease risk from vaping higher than from smoking – expert

This is due to the fact that vapers smoke more often, said Vladimir Zaitsev, candidate of medical sciences

MOSCOW, January 22. /TASS/. The bronchopulmonary disease risk from vaping is higher than from conventional smoking because vapers smoke more, ENT specialist Vladimir Zaitsev told TASS.

"A [vaping] person does not have such an expressed cough, dry throat and voice changes as a smoker has. However, the negative point for vocal cords - that is, the same cancer risk [as for smokers - TASS], the risk of inflammatory disorders of the pulmonary system us actually the same and even higher, because vapers use vapes more actively and frequently," the expert said.

Vocal cords are more prone to the effect of various gases and chemicals, including the tobacco smoke, Zaitsev noted.

As regards vaping, "the tobacco smoke is not so aggressive and it is possible to smoke, so to say, endlessly. [It] is more comfortably perceived by the respiratory system because this is not so rude and aggressive," the expert noted. "Nevertheless, the key word is the aggression against the human organism," he added.