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Russian Railways ask psychologists to assist to railway employees

VOLGOGRAD, January 03, /ITAR-TASS/. Russian Railways ask psychologists to assist to railway employees who work when the terrorist acts were committed in Volgograd, deputy chief of the Volga regional directorate for railway stations Pavel Sakhoshkin told Itar-Tass.

“I’d like psychologists to work with our employees. Those who worked on December 29 were moped yesterday,” Sakhoshkin said.

Commenting on the restoration works, the official said the Russian Railways president set the task to repair the railway station by May 9. “We’ll carry out the task,” he added.

“Representatives of a design institute have arrived to study damage caused by the explosion,” Sakhoshin said.

At present, the railway station’s concourse is being repaired. “The work continues day-and-night. The building’s facade will be also restored. All windows will be repaired. The works will start tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” he said.

Security is ensured at the railway station. Policemen check documents and luggage. Passengers realise policemen’s actions, Sakhoshkin said.

Speaking about a possibility of establishing a memorial plaque, the official said, “This problem is being discussed. We don’t think about it. It can be done because people shouldn’t forget the incident. But, frankly saying, we don’t think about it.”

Sources in the city administration said, “This issue will be finalised. At present, there are more urgent problems.”

Candles continue to burn on the explosion site on the last day of mourning. People come to honour memory of those who were killed during the terrorist acts.

Thirty-four people died as a result of the terrorist acts on December 29 and December 30. Sixty-five people are at hospitals in Volgograd Region and in Moscow. Eighteen injured people were carried to Moscow clinics. Forty-seven people are staying in Volgograd medical institutions.