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Putin confirms his daughters live in Russia

The Russian presidenrt says he is proud that his daughters speak fluently and work with foreign languages, adding that he never discusses family issues
Russian President Vladimir Putin Artiom Korotaev/TASS
Russian President Vladimir Putin
© Artiom Korotaev/TASS

MOSCOW, December 17. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he is proud that his daughters speak fluently and work with three foreign languages, but said he never discusses family issues in public.

"I’m proud of them [daughters], they continue studying and they work," Putin said at the annual news conference. "My daughters speak fluently three European languages."

Putin also said one of his daughters also speaks one or two oriental languages, and another daughter speaks a fourth European language. "They do not just speak, they use them at work," he said.

The Russian president repeated that he never discusses issues concerning his family in public, but said that his daughters stay out of business and politics, and live in Russia.

"They live in Russia and have never left for any other place for permanent residence," Putin said. "They have not received education anywhere but in Russia. They studied only in Russian higher educational establishments," he said.

The president also rejected recent media reports alleging that his daughters, Maria and Yekaterina, receive education and live abroad on a permanent basis. "Now, thanks God, no one writes about this," he said.

Putin said his daughters are making their first steps in career and succeed in this. The president refused to comment on media reports that his younger daughter allegedly heads the Moscow State University (MSU) Center of National Intellectual Reserve and is involved in creating a scientific and technological cluster in Moscow.

"As for the project you have mentioned concerning the university, regardless of the surnames of who is doing it, this is the initiative of the university’s rector," Putin said. "The initiative is good," he said, adding that this foundation combines the possibilities of the higher school and science with the demands of industries of national economy.

Putin declined to give further details about his daughters due to "security reasons." He said his daughters have never been "star children." "They just live their own lives and do this very decently."