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Russia striving towards alliance with other states not to oppose anyone, says Kremlin

The spokesman once again noted that Moscow’s approach to an alliance is different than the American one

TASS, April 29. /TASS/. Unlike the US, Russia is striving towards an alliance with other states not to oppose anyone else, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Russia’s Channel One on Thursday.

"I suppose you could say that there is a conceptual difference between US and Russian approaches to alliances," the spokesman said.

He explained that to Russian President Vladimir Putin, "an alliance means cooperation in the interest of the people of the member states." "This means developing mutually beneficial economic cooperation," he explained. "But it never boils down to some joint action to oppose somebody."

Peskov once again noted that Russia’s approach to an alliance is different than the American one. "In the United States, it means that we should all take up arms, and even better, take up our arms against our enemies," the press secretary explained.

When asked whether Moscow and Beijing can consider options for deeper cooperation as pressure on them mounts, Peskov pointed out: "In any case, we take part in the work of regional organizations together with China."

"The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a platform that offers an opportunity to express very deep potential," the Kremlin official said. "And of course, such organizations like the SCO respond to various trends, both positive and negative, in the development of international affairs."