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Israel's levelling Palestinian homes undermines peace prospects — Russian Foreign Ministry

The ministry called on Israel to refrain from such steps in the future

MOSCOW, July 23. /TASS/. Israel’s illegal actions to tear down dwellings on Palestinian territories undermine the prospects for crisis resolution, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated on Tuesday.

"We insist that such actions taken by the Israeli side on the occupied Palestinian territories are illegal from the point of view of international law and frustrate the prospects for the two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. We call on Israel to revise this decision and refrain from such destructive steps in future," the ministry said.

On July 22, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) began to demolish dwellings in the Palestinian village of Sur Bahir near Jerusalem located in the exact proximity to the security fence separating the West Bank of the Jordan River.

Israel kicked off the construction of the security barrier along the Green Line between Israel and the West Bank back in 2005 to prevent Palestinian terrorists from getting into Israel’s territory. Palestinians however say that the Israelis put up the fence, which runs much further east of the Green Line at a number of sections, to redefine the borders unilaterally, without talks.