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Trade turnover between Russia and China gained 35.8% in 2021 - Chinese Customs

The rate surged to record-breaking $146.88 bln in 2021

BEIJING, January 14. /TASS/. The trade turnover between Russia and China surged by 35.8% to record-breaking $146.88 bln in 2021, the Main Customs Administration of China said on Friday.

Export to Russia gained 33.8% to about $67.56 bln over 12 months of the last year. Import of Russian goods and services had the upsurge by 37.5% to $79.32 bln.

The trade turnover between two countries in December 2021 had an uptick by 11.5% monthly to $16.44 bln.

The bilateral trade turnover contracted in 2020 by 2.9% due to the COVID-19 pandemic to $107.76 bln.