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Putin calls for prioritizing Arctic development, beefing up presence in Antarctica

It is reported that in September, the scientific expedition ‘North Pole-41’ on a self-propelled ice platform was launched

MOSCOW, November 10. /TASS/. Russia has prioritized the comprehensive development of Arctic territories and building up its scientific presence in the Antarctic, President Vladimir Putin said in his greeting to the participants, organizers and guests of the international forum ‘Days of the Arctic and Antarctic’, held in Moscow from November 10 to 11.

"Our country has consistently prioritized the harmonious, comprehensive development of the Arctic territories, and building up our scientific presence in the Antarctic. We seek to strengthen international cooperation in these regions of the planet, as well as the implementation of joint programs in various fields," the president said in a telegram, posted on the Kremlin’s website on Thursday.

"I am pleased to note that this year has opened a new, bright page in the development of the Arctic. In September, the scientific expedition ‘North Pole-41’ on a self-propelled ice platform was launched. This high-tech project makes it possible to conduct year-round observations of the region’s natural environment and provides all the conditions for the complex and the courageous work of polar explorers", the president pointed out. Putin added that a lot of things should be done to create a state system of permafrost monitoring, sustainable development of Russian northern cities and towns, as well as the successful implementation of major industrial and infrastructure projects.

"And, of course, a lot of our work will continue in Antarctica - for example, the new Russian wintering complex Vostok station, which will give our scientists an excellent opportunity to conduct full-scale research based on modern facilities," the president said, stressing that he hoped that the forum would be successful, and the initiatives and proposals of its participants would be in demand.