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Bridge over Amur between Russian and China finished

The design speed of trains will be 100 km/h, the throughput of the bridge will reach 21 mln tonnes per year

BEIJING, August 17. /TASS/. Construction workers on Tuesday completed the laying of rails on the bridge between Russia and China across the Amur River and connected the Russian and Chinese sections of the railroad tracks, China Central Television reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, at 09:58 local time (04:58 Moscow time) at the construction site of the Sino-Russian railway bridge in Tongjiang (Heilongjiang Province), the installation of the last section of rails between Russia and China was completed.

This marked the completion of the installation and laying of the railroad way, it said. The design speed of trains on the bridge will be 100 km/h, the throughput of the bridge will reach 21 mln tonnes per year.

The bridge crossing Nizhneleninskoe - Tongjiang across the Amur River should become the first railway bridge between Russia and China. The bridge will be over 2.2 km long, of which 309 meters will be on the Russian side. The bridge crossing is designed for alternate passage of trains on a railway track with two gauge standards: a width of 1,520 mm for Russian rolling stock and 1,435 mm for the Chinese. It is planned to export iron ore, coal, mineral fertilizers, and forest products across the bridge to China.

As the governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region Rostislav Goldstein said in February, according to the plan, the first trial trains will pass over the bridge in August of 2021.