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Russian deputy minister urges European countries to resolve security issues together

LJUBLJANA, September 6. /TASS/. Problems of security arising today call for resolution by joint efforts, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Meskov told TASS on Monday on the sidelines of an international forum held in Bled, northwestern Slovenia.

"We laid out in clear-cut terms Russia’s fundamental approaches to European and global security as we held talks with the Slovene side today," he said. "We said it is impossible today to settle the practical problems our countries are face with if there is no pooling of efforts or cooperative security."

He also said EU's anti-Russian sanctions did not hinder development of bilateral relations between Russia and European countries.

"A group of certain European countries that have an aggressive stance on Russia use the EU bureaucratic mechanisms to impose their outlooks on the majority uninterested in the policy of sanction," Meshkov said.

He believes the progress of relations with some European nations, for instance, with Slovenia does is not contingent on the activities of this group, however.

"The problem is bigger than Russia's relations with Slovenia or other European nations, however," Meshkov said. "European partners who realize only too well the deficiencies of the policy of sancions should really consider if it's worthwhile conniving at the designs of Russophobic extremists in Europe.".