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Russia's external debt fell by 18% in 2014 — Central Bank

Russia's external debt has fallen from $728.86 billion to $599.5 billion over a year

MOSCOW. January 20. /TASS/ Russia's external debt for 2014 has decreased by 18% to $599.5 billion, as of January 1, 2015, according to Bank of Russia's 's preliminary assessment.

On January 1 2014, Russia's external debt totaled $728.86 billion.

The report suggests that state administration's debt is $41.5 billion. The new Russian national debt as of January 1, 2015 is $39.2 billion, down by 33.6% to the previous year . The Soviet-era debt has decreased by 11.5% to $1.77 billion.

The Central Bank's debt has decreased by 37.5% to $10.4 billion, while the banking sector debt has gone down by 20% to $171.1 billion; other sectors total debt is estimated at $376.5 billion.