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G20 Agriculture Ministers agree to develop innovations, new technologies

The parties also stressed the need of improving qualification among all industry stakeholders

NIIGATA, May 12. /TASS/. Agriculture Ministers of the Group of Twenty (G20) agreed to promote development and rollout of innovations and new technologies at the two-day meeting held in Niigata, Japan, according to the joint declaration available with TASS.

"We reaffirm that innovation and knowledge are critical for sustainable productivity growth in the agro-food sector. We acknowledge the efforts of public and private sector including farming community towards generating innovative solutions," the Declaration says. The ministers at the same time "reiterate the importance of their smooth and timely adoption by producers and stakeholders, including collaboration with non agro-food sectors, in order to maximize their full potential in raising productivity and sustainability of the agro-food sector."

The Ministers highlighted the importance of promoting innovations in the agricultural sector, particularly through use of and access to advanced technologies, like information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence and robotics. "We note there is enormous potential in agriculture to gain from these technologies, including those already utilized in other sectors," the Declaration says.

The joint Declaration also highlights importance of the role that women play in the agro-food sector. Empowerment of women "through equitable access to innovation and skills training is important to the sustainable development and growth of the agro-food sector," the Ministers said in the Declaration.

The parties also stressed the need of improving qualification among all industry stakeholders. "We believe that skilled people, in turn, will contribute to further innovation in the agro-food sector," the Declaration notes.

The G20 Agriculture Ministers meeting was held on May 11-12, 2019.