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Russia bracing for attempts to interfere in its 2021 elections from abroad, says Putin

MOSCOW, December 17. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin is certain that there will be attempts to interfere in Russia’s 2021 elections from abroad, but the country is getting ready for this.

"Of course, there will be attempts to intervene. They do this all along. And not only in our elections, but around the world. It is a global policy - bases around the world and intervention around the world. We know about this and we are getting ready for this."

Russia, he said, will be able to fend off this effectively only if an overwhelming majority of Russian citizens is aware that this is an act of intervention and that Russia is obliged to repel this, that it is impermissible and that Russia has the right to determine its future on its own.

"This is an extremely important internal feature of our society. For this reason, the sentiment of bloggers on the Internet and mass media’s determination to defend ourselves is crucial. Safeguarding our sovereignty is essential," Putin said.

In 2021, Russia will hold elections of different levels, including elections of State Duma members, on September 19.

Russian political parties 

Russian political system makes it possible to extend the spectrum of political parties that can participate in elections, but the final decision remains in the voters’ hands, Vladimir Putin said during his annual press conference. 

"Our political system is developing; does it make it possible for larger number of political powers, political parties to participate in nationwide electoral campaigns? Yes, it does," Putin said.

He also touched upon the issue of new parties.

"Is it time for old political heavyweights to give way? This is neither up to new parties nor the political heavyweights, the traditional parties, to decide. The citizens will decide on this. It is up to the voters to decide, they decide during elections, whom to support," the president said.

According to the president, up to 16 parties will be able to participate in elections without collecting signatures.

"In accordance with the current law, these [parties] obtained representation in Russian regions, and, in doing so, they obtained right to try their might on the nationwide political arena. I wish them success, but I would like to reiterate: it is the voter who decides whom to elect," Putin underscored.