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Navy received almost 8,000 missiles in 2023, including Caliber, Zircon — Defense Ministry

The Russian Navy received three submarines, two corvettes, two small missile ships, a frigate, a sea minesweeperm, a patrol ship and 33 multi-purpose and raid boats, as well as support vessels in 2023

MOSCOW, January 26. /TASS/. Last year, the Russian Navy received over 7,700 different missiles, including long-range sea-launched cruise missiles Zircon, Caliber and Uran, said Deputy Defense Minister Alexey Krivoruchko reported.

"More than 7,700 units of naval weapons have been supplied in the interests of the Navy - [these are] long-range sea-based cruise missiles Caliber, Uran and Zircon, anti-ship and anti-submarine missiles," he said on the occasion of the single military hardware acceptance day.

He recalled that last year the Navy received three submarines from the defense industry - the nuclear submarine Imperator Alexandr III, the multi-purpose nuclear submarine Krasnoyarsk, the submarine Mozhaisk, seven warships - the frigate Admiral Golovko, corvettes Mercury and Rezkiy, small missile ships Cyclone and Naro-Fominsk, sea minesweeper Lev Chernavin, patrol ship Neustrashimy, which has undergone repairs.

During the year, the industry supplied the Navy with 33 multi-purpose and raid boats, as well as support vessels, 11 naval aircraft and helicopters - long-range anti-submarine aircraft, multi-role fighters, ship-based transport-combat and anti-submarine helicopters, the Deputy Defense Minister added.