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Men baptized by fire to take key positions in Russia’s army in future — Putin

"The country, your homeland, the Armed Forces doubtlessly need people like you," Putin said

KRASNOGORSK /Moscow Region/, June 12. /TASS/. The command posts in the Russian Armed Forces should eventually be taken by those baptized by fire who have not wavered, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a conversation with wounded soldiers during a visit to the Vishnevsky military hospital in Krasnogorsk near Moscow.

"I believe that those of you who have such a wish may proceed to the next step - to apply for advanced training. The country, your homeland, the Armed Forces doubtlessly need people like you," Putin said.

He stressed that Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, present at the meeting, was of the same opinion.

"In the future, the command posts in the Armed Forces should be taken by people like you. You are the ones who have felt what combat operations are all about. You have not wavered. On the contrary, you continued to perform your duty to the very end. Of course, the Armed Forces need such people, baptized by fire and combat operations," Putin stressed.

"For those who want to stay it would be reasonable to take the next step in their career and to get the appropriate military education. And if someone has military education already, then it will be right to go ahead with advanced specialty training," Putin added.

He vowed that the state would definitely do everything to ensure the soldiers’ rehabilitation proceed as quickly as possible, so that they recover fast and "look into their future." Putin recalled that he had earlier had a telephone conversation with company commander Yuri Zhulanov, a participant in the special military operation. "I asked him about his plans, how he saw his future. He replied he would like to get back into army. Yes, of course, this goes without saying," Putin said.