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US imposes sanctions on 3 Russian organizations under law on non-proliferation of weapons

WASHINGTON DC, / February 13. / TASS /. The Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, the military-industrial corporation Scientific and Production Association of Mechanical Engineering and the Instrument Design Bureau fell under the sanctions of the American administration due to the fact that, according to Washington DC, they violate US national laws on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against Iran, North Korea and Syria, the US Department of State said in a statement in the Federal Registry, on Thursday.

According to the document, the decision to apply restrictive measures entered into force on February 3. A number of Chinese companies also appears on the black list, as well as one from Iraq and Turkey each. "On February 3, the US government took measures against foreign legal entities under the non-proliferation law [WMD] in respect to Iran, North Korea and Syria," the statement said.

At the same time, the State Department had to re-add the Tula KBP to this blacklist. Restrictions in connection with attributable violations against him were introduced in May last year, but the US department made a mistake in the name - "Instrument Design Bureau". In this regard, this time he was included in the list already with the corrected name.

The duration of the sanctions is two years, but can be reduced or terminated by decision of US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. What exactly are the claims against the three organizations, the US administration do not specify. We are talking about the attempts of the extraterritorial application by the United States of its domestic legislation, which have been repeatedly rejected by Russia.

The sanctions include a ban on the purchase by any ministries and departments of the United States of products and services of the organization that is on the blacklist, Washington sells weapons and military equipment to her, grants American licenses for the purchase of goods falling under the export control regime, and provides her with assistance.