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Eight international military exercises to take place at Russian training ranges in 2023

All the exercises will be focused on peacekeeping and combating terrorism, the Russian Defense Ministry added

MOSCOW, January 1. /TASS/. The Russian Ground Forces will take part in eight international military exercises at Russian training ranges in 2023, the Defense Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

"Eight bilateral exercises are scheduled to take place at training ranges in various Russian military districts, which will include the Indra 2023 Russian-Indian multi-service force drills, the Peace Mission joint military anti-terrorist command and staff exercise involving members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a joint Russian-Laotian military exercise, the joint Russian-Pakistani military drills Friendship 2023, a Russian-Algerian exercise, the Rubezh (or Frontier) 2023 joint drills involving the Rapid Deployment Collective Forces of the Central Asian region, the Selenga 2023 Russian-Mongolian drills and a joint Russian-Vietnamese exercise," the statement reads.

According to the ministry, Russian ground troops will also participate in the Unbreakable Brotherhood 2023 exercises of the Collective Security Treaty Organization’s peacekeeping forces set to take place in Armenia.

Joint planning, cooperation procedures and tactical actions aimed at destroying illegal armed groups will be trained during the international military drills.

"All the exercises will be focused on peacekeeping and combating terrorism," the Russian Defense Ministry added.