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Russian fighter aircraft pilots sharpening piloting skills over Black Sea

More than 15 aircraft are involved in the event
Su-27SM fighter jets Alexei Pavlishak/TASS
Su-27SM fighter jets
© Alexei Pavlishak/TASS

SEVASTOPOL, June 7. /TASS/. The pilots of 15 Su-27SM3 and Su-30M2 fighter jets from Russia’s Southern Military District are sharpening their skills of flights over the Black Sea, the District’s press office reported on Friday.

"The flight personnel of the Southern Military District is undergoing training on the premises of the composite aviation regiment based in the Krasnodar Region. Overall, more than 15 aircraft that have arrived from various aerodromes of the Southern Military District are involved in the event," the statement says.

During seven days, the crews will be studying the specifics of piloting over the water surface, the procedure of interaction with search and rescue teams, flashing code signals and the skills of beacon-based navigation.

"Immediately during the flights, the pilots will be practicing the elements of simple and complex maneuvering, flights along the designated route at medium and low altitudes over the water surface, including at nighttime," the Southern Military District’s press office said.

During the training, the flight personnel will also practice the skills of using individual rescue means, in particular, the survival vest jacket and the naval rescue suit.

At the concluding stage of their training, the pilots will practice bombing against naval targets at specially equipped ranges.