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Russia has to limit dividends withdrawal to the West — Putin

"Our decision is dictated by safeguarding interests of our economy and our business," the Russian leader said

MOSCOW, March 16. /TASS/. Russia has to take measures of limiting the dividend withdrawal to the West in response to the freeze of Russian assets, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday at the congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

"Our decision [limiting the dividend withdrawal to the West] is dictated by safeguarding interests of our economy and our business. If decisions are made in respect of our business, certain incorrect and unlawful measures are taken against Russian assets and gold and currency reserves, this causes the need to take appropriate action from our side also, including related to the payment of dividends and directing them to type C accounts, the impossibility of withdrawing them abroad," Putin said.

Such a measure limits to a certain degree the abilities of fair friends and partners that worked, are working and want to continue operations in Russia, the head of state said. The position of Russian authorities can be corrected in this aspect, he noted. "We should not become similar to people making wrong decisions on the track of cooperation with Russia to the prejudice of their own business," the President stressed.

Putin said he is definitely aware of the desire of many Western companies to return to the Russian market. "I know that many did not want to leave. [They] did not want but simply did it under pressure and regret, while many are waiting for a moment to return. We know this for sure," the Russian leader added.