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Russian recon officers, assault team seize Ukrainian stronghold near Krasny Liman

The combat mission was carried out by an assault group with the support of T-90 tanks and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles

MOSCOW, August 21. /TASS/. The Central Military District’s reconnaissance detected the location of a stronghold of Ukrainian nationalists, ensuring its seizure in the Krasny Liman direction, the Russian Defense Ministry told TASS on Monday.

The combat task was accomplished by an assault team aided by T-90 tanks and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles.

"While on a combat mission, the servicemen moved out to a reconnaissance area where, with the use of a drone, they detected the location of an enemy stronghold. Having received data on the target, the assault team, aided by T-90 banks and a BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, advanced to capture the stronghold. Coming very close to the positions, the heavy weapons fired on the enemy head-on, using the `tanks carousel’ tactic. The attack at lightning speed and [the Russians’] firepower destroyed the stronghold and discouraged the Ukrainian personnel from further resistance, enabling the assault team to safely seize the stronghold," the ministry said.

The recon officers used the language of Tuva for more secrecy in the event of a radio intercept.