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Bumerang-platform armored vehicles to enter state trials in 2021

In April this year, the Military Industrial Company told TASS that the refined machines will have a larger body with better buoyancy

MOSCOW, December 18. /TASS/. The state trials of the newest K-16 armored personnel carrier and K-17 wheeled combat vehicle built on the upcoming Bumerang platform will begin in 2021, says CEO of the Military Industrial Company (VPK) Alexander Krasovitsky.

"Previously, the APC and the combat vehicle, built on the Bumerang platform, successfully passed the preliminary trials. After the trials, we implemented a number of the customer’s demands, upgraded the vehicles, and produced new units with all changes taken into consideration. Now, the machines are ready for state trials, planned for the spring next year," Krasovitsky said.

In April this year, VPK told TASS that the refined machines will have a larger body with better buoyancy. The new body will make it possible to comfortably accommodate the troops in full gear.

Bumerang is an upcoming unified wheeled platform, used in the K-17 armored combat vehicle, first displayed at the Victory Parade in 2015, as well as in the K-16 armored personnel carrier. The baseline K-17 variant is equipped with the Epokha combat module, featuring a 30-mm autocannon and a twin 7.62-mm machinegun, as well as Kornet anti-tank missiles. The K-16 APC features a combat module with a 12.7-mm machinegun.