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Putin: Russia’s Airborne Force selflessly defends Fatherland’s national interests

Russia celebrates Airborne Force Day on August 2

MOSCOW, August 2. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Airborne Force’s personnel and veterans with their professional holiday, noting that their service requires high competence, the strength, spirit and courage, according to a congratulatory telegram posted on the Kremlin’s website on Friday.

"You are always there where it is especially difficult, where you have to act precisely, coherently and decisively. I am sure that paratroopers will continue to improve their skills, successfully accomplish assigned missions and selflessly defend the national interests of the Fatherland and the security of our citizens," the congratulatory telegram says.

As the Russian leader stressed, representatives of the legendary "airborne infantry" have always performed their military duty with dignity: both during the years of the Soviet Union’s Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany in 1941-1945 and in the course of accomplishing special and peacekeeping missions. The Russian president noted the paratroopers’ loyalty to their oath of allegiance and the brotherhood of arms.

"The current generation of soldiers and officers worthily continues the glorious military and patriotic traditions established by veterans," the Russian president said.

Russia has been annually celebrating Airborne Force Day, the professional holiday of Russian paratroopers and their veterans, on August 2 since 2006.

Russia’s Airborne Force birthday dates back to August 2, 1930 when a unit of 12 parachutists directed by military pilots Leonid Minov and Yakov Moshkovsky were air-dropped for the first time during an Air Force exercise of the Moscow Military District near Voronezh in south Russia. On this day, paratroopers traditionally demonstrate their skills while celebrations are held all over the country with concerts and other festivities.