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Russia’s EpiVacCorona vaccine delivered to 9 medical centers for post-registration trials

Two clinical trials are planned - that involving 150 people aged over 60 and the one with 30,000 volunteers

MOSCOW, November 24. /TASS/. Russia’s EpiVacCorona vaccine developed by the Vector Center has been received by medical organizations in Moscow, the Moscow Region, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Tyumen and Kaliningrad for post-registration clinical trials, the Russian national anti-coronavirus crisis center reported Tuesday.

"The vaccine was received by nine medical organizations (in Novosibirsk, Moscow, the Moscow Region, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Tyumen and Kaliningrad) where post-registration clinical trials are planned to be carried out," the statement reads.

It is noted that two clinical trials are scheduled to take place. The first one will involve 150 people aged over 60, the second one will see 30,000 volunteers get the vaccine. "As of November 24, 2020, all the 150 participants aged over 60 have been selected to take part in the post-registration trial. The first five of them were vaccinated on November 21," the statement clarified.

It is noted that more than 50,000 vaccine doses will be produced before the end of the year.

On August 11, Russia became the first country in the world to register a coronavirus vaccine named Sputnik V, which was developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Health Ministry. The injection passed clinical trials in June-July.

On October 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that another Russian coronavirus vaccine, EpiVacCorona, developed by the Vector Center obtained registration.