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New Russian system being tested hit old satellite with "goldsmith’s precision" — Shoigu

The remaining debris pose no threats to space activity, the Russian Defense Minister pointed out

MOSCOW, November 16. /TASS/. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has said that Russia’s cutting-edge future weapon system being tested has hit its target with great precision.

"It is true that we have successfully tested a cutting-edge system of the future. It hit an old satellite with precision worthy of a goldsmith. The remaining debris pose no threats to space activity," Shoigu told the media during a working tour of military units in the Western Military Region near Voronezh.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said that a defunct Russian space satellite had been successfully destroyed. The Defense Ministry said that it was conducting routine activity to strengthen the nation’s defenses and recalled that the purpose of the United States’ new strategy in space was to achieve "comprehensive military advantage" in this field.

The Defense Ministry said that the remaining debris posed to threat to the International Space Station or other satellites. It stressed that the fragments had been included in the main catalogue of the national space monitoring system and began to be tracked right away. They will remain under observation till the moment they burn up in the atmosphere.