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London Court postpones businessman Tinkov case hearing to September 25

The decision was taken following the tycoon's hospitalization, the Court told TASS on Thursday

LONDON, July 30. /TASS/. The Westminster Magistrates Court postponed the hearing of the extradition case of Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov to the United States from July 31 to September 25 because the tycoon had been hospitalized, the Court told TASS on Thursday.

"Administrative hearing has been postponed, the new date is 25th September," the Court said. "Because he is in hospital," a Court’s spokesperson noted.

Attendance of the businessman at the hearing in September will hardly be mandatory. "On the 25th September he would not have to attend, it is only for the case management hearing. The solicitors will have to attend but he probably will be excused,'' the spokesperson said.

The hearing was initially scheduled for April 27 but was later postponed until July 13 and then until July 31.

The businessman will have to stay in London all the time without the possibility to leave the city, the court’s spokesperson said earlier.

Tinkov will remain in London for the duration of court hearings initiated by the US Internal Revenue Service, TCS Group (parent company of Tinkoff Bank) said in a statement released on the London Stock Exchange on March 2.

The businessman said earlier that an acute form of leukemia had been diagnosed with him.

TCS Group said earlier that the US Internal Revenue Service had initiated court hearings of Oleg Tinkov in London. The case concerns resolution of potential tax issues.