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Two Russian Tu-142 aircraft perform scheduled flight over Barents Sea’s neutral waters

The flight lasted more than 12 hours

MOSCOW, February 26. /TASS/. Two Russian Tupolev Tu-142 anti-submarine warfare aircraft performed a scheduled flight over the Barents and Norwegian Seas’ neutral waters, the press service of the Russian Northern Fleet said on Wednesday.

"The crews drilled the skills of flying over an area with no reference points, as well as coordination of actions in the absence of ground-based electronic aerial navigation aids," it said, adding that the flight lasted more than 12 hours.

"All the flights were performed in strict compliance with the international regulations of the airspace use," it stressed.

In early February, the crews of three Tu-142 long-range anti-submarine warfare planes from the Northern Fleet’s Air Force and Air Defense Army practiced searching for and tracking a notional enemy’s submarines over the Barents Sea and the neutral waters of the Arctic Ocean. The flight lasted nine hours.