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Amendments to Russian Constitution adopted at right time, Putin believes

According to the president, the fundamentals of the Constitution remained unchanged

MOSCOW, December 17. /TASS/. The amendments to the Russian Constitution were adopted at a right time, when the situation became ripe, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his annual press conference Thursday.

"Everything is good in due time. The fight against price hikes should be conducted in due time. The same goes for amendments to the basic law. It was impossible to do a lot of things earlier," Putin said, answering a question regarding why the Constitution was amended in 2020.

He added that the fundamentals of the Constitution remained unchanged.

"The 1993 Constitution was adopted in difficult circumstances of civil standoff, during, to put it bluntly, armed hostilities in Moscow. People were dying, automatic weapons were used, tanks were firing at the Parliament [building], these were the circumstances when the Constitution was adopted," the head of state underscored.

Meanwhile, Putin noted that the 1993 Constitution played a stabilizing role, helped to restore civil peace and laid the groundwork for political development. According to the president, some things were impossible to do before, including cementing social guarantees in the Constitution. This includes adjusting pensions for inflation and equaling the minimum wage to the minimum subsistence level, according to the president.

"Now, we can cement all this in the basic law, the situation is ripe for that now. We did it and we did it on time," the president said.