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Russia calls on UN to abandon political games around humanitarian aid to Syria

According to the ministry, the situation when UN officials become part of the propaganda campaign to discredit the anti-terrorist efforts taken by Russia and Syria is "inadmissible"

MOSCOW, December 15. /TASS/. Russia hopes the United Nations secretariat ultimately stops political games around humanitarian assistance to Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

According to the ministry, the situation when "senior officials of the United Nations secretariat become part of the propaganda campaign launched by a number of Western countries to discredit the anti-terrorist efforts that are being taken by the Syrian government and the Russian aerospace forces" is inadmissible.

"The United Nations is conditioning its humanitarian operation by incredible and absolutely unrealizable terms which have a clear goal - to put the Syrian authorities in line of fire once again," the ministry said. "We hope United Nations administrative officers will finally drop their political games around the humanitarian situation in Syria and will get busy doing their job."

The Russian Foreign Ministry called on the United Nations humanitarian structures to waste no time to join humanitarian efforts in Syria.

A similar call was addressed to Western countries. "We hear some of the Western capitals lamenting over sufferings of civilians but see no actual actions of emergency humanitarian assistance from them," the ministry said. "Now it is high time to move beyond rhetoric if those who are so concerned over the humanitarian situation of Syria’s population really want to alleviate the situation."

The ministry stressed that Russia is already extending assistance to people living in the liberated city. Thus, Russia’s defense and emergencies ministries are sending humanitarian cargoes: food products, medicines, daily necessities, tents, generators. The bulk of such cargoes have been sent to Aleppo.