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AliExpress cuts delivery time in half for goods from China

Many goods are now delivered by air, though previously they were supplied by sea via Vladivostok, according to the CEO

MOSCOW, February 17. /TASS/. The average delivery time for goods from China on AliExpress has decreased two-fold since the end of 2019 to 15 days, whereas from Russia - to 4.5 days, Chief Executive Officer of AliExpress Russia Dmitry Sergeev told TASS.

"There is a huge request from many clients for the quality of service, whereas the quality of service means quicker delivery, guaranteed delivery, the return and exchange possibility, etc. Many things that we are doing, are connected with improvement of that service. For example, our delivery from China demonstrates very good dynamics as the average delivery time is 15 days. The average time of delivery around Russia is 4.5 days. Many goods are now delivered by air, though previously [they were supplied] by sea via Vladivostok, after which they slowly crossed Russia. Many people are ready to pay for that through consolidation, purchasing two items instead of one, and enjoying a principally quicker delivery," he noted.

In April 2020, the retailer launched a service called Plus with guaranteed 14-15 days' delivery. Currently it has 56,500 sellers, whereas its share in total GMV (gross merchandise volume) stands at around 38%, the CEO added.

In November 2019, the delivery time was 25-30 days on average.

AliExpress Russia is a joint venture of AlibabaGroup, Group, Megafon and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) in the field of e-commerce in Russia and CIS states. The company was established on October 9, 2019. The Russian Direct Investment Fund together with Middle Eastern funds purchased 7.85% of shares in AliExpress Russia from Alibaba Group at the end of January, as a result of which the latter’s stake in the joint venture amounted to 47.85%, whereas the share of RDIF increased to around 12.9%. Megafon owns about 24.3% in AliExpress Russia, while Group holds 15%.