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Ukraine’s military opens fire on DPR 13 times on Friday, using 51 shells, says republic

There were no reports about casualties

DONETSK, September 23. /TASS/. Ukraine’s armed forces have shelled the Donetsk People Republic (DPR), where a referendum on joining Russia is taking place, 13 times on Friday, the DPR mission to the joint center on control and coordination of issues related to Ukraine’s war crimes said.

On Friday morning, Yelenovka, Gorlovka and Zaitsevo came under fire, as 21 shells from 152mm and 155mm artillery and tank guns were fired at them from the Ukraine-controlled area. In the afternoon, Ukrainian troops shelled Donetsk nine times. Twenty 152mm shells from the weapons funneled to Ukraine by NATO countries, as well as ten 152mm shells, were fired at the city.

There were no reports about casualties.

The leadership of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics as well as the liberated Kherson and Zaporozhye regions announced a decision on Tuesday to hold referendums on joining Russia. All the four regions will hold the vote on September 23-27.