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‘US and criminal accomplices’: Senator unveils who’s to blame for Kherson Region attack

It was stressed that the missile strike at Novaya Kakhovka shows that the United States and its accomplices are terrorist states

SIMFEROPOL, July 12. /TASS/. The responsibility for a missile strike on the city of Novaka Kakhovka in the Kherson Region, which killed at least seven and wounded 80 people, rests entirely on the current authorities of the United States, a Russian senator said on Tuesday.

"First of all, I want to convey words of sympathy and sincere condolences to the families of those killed in this vicious act of military terror. The entire responsibility for the missile strike delivered from the American HIMARS multiple launch weapons at Novaya Kakhovka in the Kherson Region rests on the US current authorities and their criminal accomplices," Olga Kovitidi, a member of the constitutional legislation committee of Russia’s Federation Council, or upper house of parliament, told TASS.

According to Kovitidi, US President Joe Biden is unable to address US domestic problems "because of his incompetence." That is why, in her words, he opted for instigating a war in Ukraine to hide his own unprofessionalism and his team’s ineptitude. He is unable to control skyrocketing prices on energy and food in his country. "Instead of taking urgent measures to save the economy, and settle the fuel crisis," the Biden administration is allocating billions of dollars "for the war with Russia on Ukrainian territory," she said.

She stressed that the missile strike at Novaya Kakhovka shows that the United States and its accomplices are terrorist states.

"US and UK military terror in Ukraine is geared towards intimidating both Ukraine’s population, and the allied forces of Russia and the Donbass republics, who are supporting the local population and Ukrainian soldiers who are refusing to fight. This terror is manifested in the use of missile strikes, all types of violence, repression against opponents, encouraging lynchings, and the use of torture on prisoners and dissident civilians," she said.

Ukrainian troops have been regularly shelling settlements in the Kherson Region after it left Kiev’s jurisdiction. That being said, on Monday evening, US-made HIMARS multiple missile launch system delivered a strike on Novaya Kakhovka. The strike was followed by an explosion at storage facilities holding mineral fertilizers. Several houses were damaged. At least seven people were killed and at least 80 were wounded, seven more went missing.