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FSB seizes largest weapons arsenal from underground arms makers

During the searches, the FSB and the Interior Ministry seized 236 domestic and foreign models of firearms

MOSCOW, March 12. /TASS/. Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has seized the largest weapons arsenal from a group of underground arms makers that included residents of Moscow and three Russian regions, the FSB’s press office told TASS on Thursday.

"The FSB acting jointly with the Interior Ministry of Russia foiled the criminal activity of residents of Moscow, the Moscow, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk Regions complicit in the illegal trade in firearms, including weapons upgraded from civil to combat guns," the press office said.

During the searches at the places of the illegal arms makers’ residence and work, the FSB and the Interior Ministry seized 236 domestic and foreign models of firearms, including four Degtyaryov machine-guns, 25 assault rifles (AKS-74U, AK-12, AK-103, AK-105, M-49, MP-44, AR-15), 22 submachine-guns (PPSh, PPS, Kedr, Thompson, MP-38, Lewis, Sterling, Uzi, Nitro, Beretta MAB-38), 19 rifles and carbines (Mosin, SVT, Saiga, Mauser, Winchester, Johnson M1941, Lefaucheux), 165 pistols and revolvers (PMM, PM, TT, PSM, APS, Margolin, Korovin, Mauser C96, Colt, Astra, Luger, Walther, SIG Sauer, Suomi, CZ", Beretta, Stalker, Glock, Smith&Wesson, Nagant).

Also, the FSB and the Interior Ministry seized an improvised firing device, 6 grenades (F-1, RGD-5), over 8 kg of TNT and gunpowder, 11 detonators of various modifications, about 1,500 rounds of various caliber, two silencers, over 100 basic parts of firearms and equipment for making ammunition, the FSB’s press office said.

"The activity of two underground arms upgrading workshops outfitted with special equipment has been foiled," the FSB noted.

The measures to uncover and shut down the illegal activity related to the manufacture and sale of arms continue, the FSB said.