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Russia launches serial production of anti-submarine warfare missile

The new system can also be used by other modern aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Navy
Ka-27M helicopters Piotr Kovalev/TASS
Ka-27M helicopters
© Piotr Kovalev/TASS

MOSCOW, May 13. /TASS/ The Research and Production Enterprise ‘Region’ (part of Tactical Missiles Corporation) has launched a new APR-3M air-launched anti-submarine warfare missile into serial production, Enterprise CEO Igor Krylov told TASS on Monday.

"All the trials of the APR-3M missile have been completed, the process of its serial production has been organized and its deliveries to the Russian Defense Ministry are underway. In the near future, we will also start promoting this missile for exports. The APR-3M is integrated into the armament of a Ka-27M modernized anti-submarine warfare helicopter," the chief executive said.

The new system can also be employed by other modern aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Navy’s naval aviation, he added.

"Considering that this missile is a hi-tech digital weapon, it can also be used from [other] modern aircraft," Krylov said.

The APR-3M anti-submarine warfare missile is a follow-up of the APR-1, APR-2 and APR-3 missiles that were in service with the Soviet and Russian Navies. These munitions are among the world’s most effective anti-submarine warfare weapons.