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Eleven settlements in Syria come under shelling by militants in past day

Militants from illegal armed groups shelled settlements in Syria's Latakia, Hama and Aleppo governorates

MOSCOW, June 24. /TASS/. Eleven settlements in Syria’s Latakia, Hama and Aleppo governorates came under shelling by militants from illegal armed groups during the past day, Major General Alexei Bakin, chief of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the conflicting sides in Syria, said on Monday.

"Throughout the day, militants shelled the settlements of Nahshebba (twice), Mammumkhiyah (twice), Nabi Yunis, Sandran, Jubb, and al-Areim in the Latakia governorate; Hamamiyat (four times), al-Asi, Hwaiz and Kornaz in the Hama governorate; and the area around Aleppo’s research center," Bakin said.

He also said that officers of the Russian reconciliation center conducted one humanitarian operation in the settlement of Hammuriyah in the Damascus governorate.

In all, the Russian center has conducted 2,148 humanitarian operations since the beginning of the reconciliation process. A total of 3,447 tonnes of humanitarian cargoes have been delivered.

The Russian reconciliation center continues to fulfill assigned tasks after the completion of the military campaign in Syria. The center’s officers regularly travel around the country's liberated areas to assess the humanitarian situation. The main efforts of the Russian military are now focused on assistance to the refugees returning to their homes and evacuation of civilians from de-escalation zones.