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Primorsky Region governor publishes video by 155th Marine Brigade’s soldiers

It is noted that there have been reports about heavy losses sustained in the battle near Pavlovka

VLADIVOSTOK, November 8. /TASS/. The governor of the Primorsky Region, Oleg Kozhemyako, has uploaded to his Telegram channel several videos by participants in the special military operation from his region, who spoke about the attack on the community of Pavlovka. In the video, soldiers from the 155th Guards Marine Brigade and the volunteer detachment Tigr from the Primorsky Region called for calm following rumors of heavy losses reportedly sustained by their unit during the offensive.

Earlier, messengers and social networks spread an alleged appeal from the brigade’s servicemen to the governor of the Primorsky Region, mentioning heavy losses in manpower and materiel during an attack on the community of Pavlovka. Kozhemyako asked the military prosecutor's office to look into the matter.

"We’ve got to the Internet now to learn that you are all worried about us. There have been reports about heavy losses sustained in the battle near Pavlovka. Yes, the situation in Pavlovka is difficult. Heavy fighting is underway. There are losses. There are killed and wounded soldiers. But we continue to crush the enemy. We are fulfilling the assigned task. We are moving on steadily, maybe not as fast as we would like, but we are moving forward. There are successes," a soldier of the 155th Brigade says in one of the videos.

In another video, members of the Tigr squad also confirm that "the squad is holding the line" and trying to minimize the inevitable losses.

As Kozhemyako said earlier, in the context of information warfare, any posts on social networks require verification. He expressed the certainty that in any case this situation would be scrutinized and the authorities concerned would give their assessment.