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Kremlin excoriates Navalny’s ‘exposé’ of Putin’s ‘palace’ as huge myth

According to the spokesman, the files that the report contains are a fake that aims to attract a large number of viewers

MOSCOW, January 22. /TASS/. Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has once again rejected blogger Alexey Navalny’s so-called "investigation" into a palace allegedly belonging to President Vladimir Putin, deriding the report as "an outstanding myth."

Talking to reporters on Friday, Peskov pointed out that he had already rejected the report a few days ago. "We said that it wasn’t true and that speculations about President Putin’s relation to some facilities in Gelendzhik were untrue. It is just a lie," the spokesman noted.

He stated that "Putin has nothing to do with all this." According to the Kremlin spokesman, "the entire compilation and the files that the report contains are an outstanding myth to attract a large number of viewers." Putin does not use the Gelendzhik facility, Peskov stressed, adding that he was unaware if the head of state had ever visited it.

The spokesman declined to discuss the possible owner of the Gelendhzik palace. "Who it belongs to is absolutely none of my business. There are many commercial facilities in our country, there are many big and small businessmen who can build any facility provided that they abide by Russian laws," Peskov explained.

The Kremlin spokesman also refused to talk about the possible involvement of the Presidential Administrative Directorate in the construction of the Gelendzhik facility. "The Presidential Administrative Directorate is a large organization that manages state property, controls construction and restoration activities. It doesn’t mean that the president has anything to do with these facilities," Peskov emphasized.